What it is:

A Buried Penis is the term used when the penis is buried or concealed under abnormal skin and/or fat. In adults, overweight men can have lower belly fat that sags and hides the penis. This is often made worse by a circumcision, as the amount of penile skin is reduced, and by a skin condition called lichen sclerosus.   

Its also known as Introverted penis, Hidden penis and Concealed penis.


  • A penis that is concealed by fat and skin
  • Although of normal size when erect, most of the penis is buried within the soft tissues and does not project outwards to be of use
  • Erections may be painful
  • Difficulty passing urine as it often collects or sprays 

Risk Factors: 

  • Lichen sclerosus 
  • Circumcision or other penile surgery
  • Obesity
  • Lymphoedema, lymphangitis or hidradenitis  


  • Corrective surgery using a combination of urological and plastic surgery to remove the fat and skin of the lower abdomen and reconstruct the skin of the penile shaft

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