We think about Patient care differently.  

We know that providing the best health care and Patient safety is paramount. We also have an equal focus on ensuring an outstanding Patient experience.   

We realise that for many men, talking about problems related to “down there” is not easy. We get it. We understand the broader emotional issues that often accompany problems with the penis or urogenital system. We aim to provide outstanding support as we help resolve your medical condition. 

We also offer a suite of tailored services to support your overall experience and to help your family along the way.  

Working with General Practitioners (GPs) and other doctors

Men don't often begin their Patient journey at MURAC Health, but rather at their local GP, another Urologist or other Specialist Doctors. We get referred the more complex cases that require an additional level of expertise. As such, we work hard with our medical peers to ensure that your treatment is as seamless as possible. 

Providing the right support services

When a Patient experiences physical and/or aesthetic problems with their genitals or the urinary function, it can have a broader psychological impact not only for them, but also their family.  

That's why we aim to provide each Patient with right set of support services, which can include:  

  • Easy to understand materials about our world class solutions (Treatment Plan and Patient information sheets)
  • Accommodation and transfers (including overseas Patients)
  • Private nurses to assist your post-surgery recovery   

Partnering with hospitals

We partner with the best hospitals in Australia and throughout the world to ensure that your Treatment Plan is tailored to you and your needs. 

Find out more about our hospital partners.